Meniscal-Tibial Coronary Ligaments

Unfortunately many tissues are now arriving skeletonized or stripped of the coronary ligaments that attach to the tibia. In the past, the meniscus arrived attached to the tibia and depending on the degree of meniscus loss we used the attachments to secure the meniscus in the anatomic fashion.

If you are a surgeon who performs meniscus transplantation, please notify your tissue bank that you want your tissues attached around the periphery and not skeletonized.

Close-Up of Meniscal-Tibial Ligament

Meniscal-Tibial Ligaments Cut

Meniscal-Tibial Ligaments Attached

Meniscal-Tibial Ligament Dissection

Orthopedic surgeon Kevin R. Stone, MD of The Stone Clinic in San Francisco performs a dissection of the meniscal-tibial coronary ligaments. Dr. Stone shows the importance of the ligaments and how they act to keep the meniscus from becoming displaced inside the knee.

Meniscus Allograft Recommendations

This video goes over some important information about the presentation and preparation of the meniscus allograft, highlighting the essential tissue that must be left on the allograft for a secure attachment inside of the joint.