Insurance Reimbursement for Meniscus Transplantation

In the past, it has been quite challenging for patients to receive insurance reimbursement for the surgical procedure "Meniscal Allograft Replacement." Prior to 2005, the procedure only had a "tracking" code, and therefore, insurance companies frequently denied claims deeming the procedure "experimental and investigational."

However, in 2005 the American Medical Association assigned a specific CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) billing code for this procedure: 29868 Meniscal Transplantation, Medial or Lateral. This was very good news for our patients at The Stone Clinic.

Now patients who are eligible for out-of-network benefits can anticipate reimbursement for this procedure. Patients can refer to their insurance policy manual or phone the customer service number on the back of their insurance card for reimbursement details.